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Spill Bully and Infysorb have partnered to create the most innovative and efficient spill kit on the market. Completely customizable and portable, the Spill Bully Infysorb spill kit is your on-the-go solution for oil spill response. Each spill kit is completely customizable based on customer need and comes with Infysorb material.

After countless hours of testing every absorbent under the sun, we settled on the perfect material to include in our Spill Kits. Sourcing a brand new technology from Europe, Spill Bully broke into the market with the most sustainable and efficient Spill Kit the industry has ever seen. Spill Bully Spill Kits contain absorbents made from Lava Rock (Basalt) Fiber. Not only is this material a super-absorbent, it’s also one of the most abundant and sustainable natural resources available. Rest assured that your spill will be contained in the fastest, safest and most sustainable way possible!

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Universal, Oil-Only, Paint

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