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Spill Bully LIGHT is an all-natural absorbent and floor sweep. Made from 100%recycled coconut fibers, this lightweight absorbent is the perfect replacement for dusty kitty litter. Perhaps the best feature is Spill Bully LIGHT’s ability to quickly harden paint. In many cases, this allows for the dry paint to be placed directly into the trash can. Spill Bully LIGHT also effectively cleans up oil and chemical spills, leaving little to no sheen.


  • Eco-friendly – made from free range coconuts
  • Sustainable – by-product that’s traditionally discarded
  • Non-leaching – honeycomb structure locks in fluid
  • Silica Free – dust from silica is a health hazard
  • Non-toxic – approved for food handling facilities
  • Ergonomic – lightweight and easy to carry to a spill

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