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Spill Bully LAVA absorbent is made from 100% all-natural basalt (volcanic rock) fibers. Sourced from one of the most abundant minerals on Earth, Spill Bully LAVA is a truly sustainable solution for oil and chemical cleanup. This lightweight absorbent offers customers an opportunity to reduce their environmental cost by minimizing waste disposal. Spill Bully LAVA is designed for efficiency, absorbing hydrocarbons and chemicals 3x faster than traditional absorbents.


  • Eco-friendly – naturally occurring mineral
  • Sustainable – renewable source – replenishing supply
  • Highly absorbent – 3X faster than competition
  • Dust free- clay absorbents contain respirable silica dust
  • Non-toxic – safe to use, non-reactive
  • Ergonomic – lightweight and easy to carry

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 4 × 30 in

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